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7 Simple Tricks for Extravagant Camera Phone Photography

Phone Photography for Social Media

Phone Photography is definitely a new trend that people love. People love the idea because photography is no longer only for the professionals. Today, people love to post their pictures on all occasions. Even when it is not a special event, people will still love to post their pictures. It is social media and the powerful impact on life that makes it happen. The world starts to use the social media to do a self-branding. With beautiful pictures and awesome lifestyle, people want to tell the world that they are happy or fabulous. Besides, people want to deliver the message whether their life is full of styles and success. 

phone photography

Though everyone knows that photos can give fake impressions and false message, online media users still love to take the pictures to receive likes and comments. To answer that demand, camera phones are designed with superb features for supporting photography.

It will be impossible for people to go to beautiful places without snapping pictures with their camera phone. When people are gathering with families or friends, snapping pictures is a must. In special moments such as a wedding, graduation, parties, and many others, we always use our phones to create beautiful photos. We can actually use our digital cameras but it will be complicated to posts the pictures on our social media accounts. So, the technology of phone photography is definitely what we need in this cyber world.

Yet, there are some tricks and methods that we need to use for making the pictures better. We have to make the pictures look more professional by thinking of the lighting and many other factors. Here are some tricks to learn about phone photography:

7 Simple Tricks for extravagant Camera Phone Photography

  1. Balance Picture
Using phone cameras does not mean that we can snap pictures without thinking about the balance. We have to keep the object in balance. We can crop the results but it is better to make the original picture in the balance position.
  1. Avoid Camera Shake
Camera shake makes the picture blurry. So, stand still and hold the camera tightly when taking the pictures.
  1. Sunny Picture Rule
We need to choose the aperture of f/16 and 1/100th of a second shutter speed to snap the sunny views.
  1. Use a Polarizer Filter
Of os many filters that we can use, polarizer filter will be a great choice for a picture of the natural landscape.
  1. Wide Angle Lens Matter
It is necessary to make the picture so real that the viewer will feel that they are in the picture. Therefore, use wide-angle lens for panoramic pictures that you take. Phone Photography should create artistic impressions that include the depth of a landscape.
  1. Simple Backgrounds
If we want to make the real objects standout, we have to pick simple backgrounds.
  1. Choose the Right ISO

ISO is there to adjust for making Phone Photography more stunning. So, we have to learn how to choose the right ISO for different objects, locations, and times.

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