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How to Reset a Samsung Galaxy S3

Will the Methods of Reset Samsung Solve the Problems?

The code of Reset Samsung will be helpful to solve some problems. Today, people use their phone not only to communicate. People use the smartphones for handling various tasks including running a business. Social media activities and online shop business can run smoothly thanks to the features on smartphones. Besides, people can share their daily life, do their hobbies, and be more creative with the features on their phones. Even, smartphones have extremely good cameras nowadays. 

reset samsung

Therefore, people can do the photography with their slim phone only. People do not have to bring an SLR camera with various lenses to snap excellent pictures. Today, smartphones users can simply put the phone in their pocket and brag their wonderful pictures instantly. Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the smartphones that is awesome for photography.

However, there are times that Samsung Galaxy S3 will get some problems. In the event when the users experience a problem, it is recommended that they just restore their phones back to the factory setting. Yet, users have to know that the reset will delete all of their personal data. The settings, applications, and various other things will be deleted as well. So, it is better to backup the data before using the reset code. You do not want to lose the precious pictures gone.

Here are the methods to Reset Samsung from the Setting Menu when the power is on.
  1. The first step is to tap the menu from the home screen.
  2. After that, tap on “Setting”
  3. Next, we have to select “Back up and reset”
  4. By default mode, the device will back up the data automatically.The setting can restore the data as well. Yet, if users do not want to get the data backed up, they can tap on each option to clear the checkbox.
  5. The next easy step is to tap factory data reset.
  6. After done with the factory reset, we can directly tap on “Reset device”.
  7. Before continuing, we usually have to enter the password or PIN to unlock the screen.
  8. Select “Delete All”.
  9. The phone will reset Samsung by rebooting the phone and wiping all data.

How to reset Samsung when the power is off:

So, how to reset Samsung Galaxy S3?
  1. First of all, turn Samsung Galaxy S3 off
  1. After that, we have to press and hold down the “power button”. Next, we can press the “home” button and then “volume up” button as well.
  2. We have to wait for the phone to vibrate. After vibrating, we can release the “power” button.
  3. The recovery system recovery will appear on the screen. Only after that can we release the home and volume up keys.
  4. Next, we can press the “volume down” button so reset Samsung option is on.

To reset Samsung means to get the phone back to its original setting. We will thus need to follow the procedures carefully. The photography phones will work back to normal once the procedures were done.

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