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How to Use Samsung Master Reset Code

Can Samsung Master Reset Code Restore our Precious Samsung?

In order to restore the functionalities of our smartphones, we need to know how Samsung Master Reset Code works. Samsung is the king of smartphone in the world’s market, especially Asia. Mostly, people use Samsung smartphones because of the features and designs. Yet, many users prefer to buy Samsung because of the reputation. So, it is a culture to choose Samsung though other brands might give similar feature with lower rates. So, it is the part of a prestige when users bring Samsung instead of other brands.

Samsung smart phones are designed in elegant appearance to answer what modern society needs. We can find cheap Samsung phones with limited abilities. Yet, the latest series of Samsung smartphones will serve the best performance and even unlimited capabilities for various smart phones requirements. Both commoners and business executives can use Samsung smartphones. Yet, some problems might occur as we use Samsung for a long period of time. When the phone freezes frequently, it is time for us to use Samsung Master Reset Code.

How to Use Samsung Master Reset Code?

Sometimes, we are a little bit worried to use something like Samsung Master Reset Code. We are afraid if the code will restore the phone totally. Traditionally, the factory reset facility is used in order to make a smartphone set back to an original condition. It means the owners of the phones will lose their data. They can lose their contact numbers. All photos, videos, all passwords, applications, and many other things inside their phones will be simply gone. That will be a bad thing for everyone. Not only business runners will hate it but all smartphone users. Therefore, if anything happens to a smartphone, restoring the factory setting is the least idea to use.

However, Samsung Master Reset Code will work quite differently. The code will make the phone restored but keep the files. Some problems in the device will be solved easily. It is also useful to unlock the device when users forgot their patterns or PIN. Even, passwords and fingerprint problems will be no longer troublesome thanks to the code.

Here are the steps:
  1. Before starting to use the code, we need to do the backup data. This is essential if users are not too sure whether they can do the operation perfectly.
  2. Use the phone’s calling feature, dial #*7728#. It is the code to reset one of Samsung’s legacy model phones.
  3. Use the same method and dial *2767*3855# for the latest Samsung phones.
Here are other codes for various uses:
  1. *#1111#: this will display the software version
  2. *#1234#: this code is for displaying the firmware version
  3. *#2222#: this works for displaying hardware version
  4. *#0*# ou *#*#4636’*’*: this long code is to show the test and service mode
Samsung Master Reset Code will be the solutions as we are in a desperate situation. We do not have to buy a new phone in case it is too heavy, crowded, and freeze. Just use the codes as the solutions.

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